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The future belongs to those who believe in the
beauty of their dreams. 



Why hire a planner for your big day, you may ask? Well let's think about it… Who is going to be setting up the ceremony and reception area while you are getting glammed up for your big entrance? Who is going to make sure all the essential people involved in the ceremony are where they should be and have what they need to make the day go flawless? Who will be working with the vendors as they arrive and make sure they are following the contract you have agreed on? Who will make sure all of the special moments and rites of passages are captured and you enjoy yourself as a guest at your own wedding and reception? My team and I will… Lastly, who will make sure the venue gets cleaned and the vendors get their items back the next day- we will. I will do everything in my power to make your day as flawless and enjoyable as possible.

Planning a big event is stressful, so why go at it alone? A stylish event begins long before the guests arrive. It begins with masterful planning and preparation. Schedule a free consultation with Lisa to talk about your event and how we can collaborate. We have many different packages to choose from depending on your needs.

She's Krafty Event Planning is a fully licenced and insured company located in Central Florida. 

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